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Application Process for GRE 2017:

To apply for this celebrated GRE test the applicant need to go through a standard registration process. 

Here's a checklist of things you need to know and possess before registering yourself for the GRE test:

  • Check for the current GRE test fee(taking into the currency conversion to your respective country, if any).
  • Go through the rescheduling and cancellation policies. 
  • Reassuring the valid ID requirements for the GRE test.
  • Choose the mode of writing the exam.

GRE Test fee:

Typically the GRE Test fee varies year to year within a minimal margin.But the GRE test fee set for this ongoing year is a sum of US$205 (INR 13,000-14,000 Upon conversion to Indian currency)  all around the globe except for China where it is US$270.40. The organizing board for the GRE test also provide a discount on the GRE test fee to its fellow applicants upon the necessary qualifying hardships are proven otherwise.

ID Requirements:

When an applicant registers for the GRE test he/she is expected to provide an identification(ID) information. The name of the applicant for the GRE test should be as it appears on the primary identification(ID) document (excluding any accents). The identification(ID) document for the GRE test varies with the respective nationality of the applicant.

For Indian students and aspirants who wish to take up the GRE test, there's one important thing to be noted is that they should possess a valid passport as the proof of identification. There's no alternative for the proof of identification except a valid passport of the applicant on the date of the examination.

The aspirants who have applied for the passport are also allowed to sit for the GRE test.

The GRE test writing modes:

  • The computer based mode - In this mode of the GRE test, the applicants are expected to take up the GRE test on a computer in the designated Prometric test centers.There is no specific schedule in this mode and it goes on year round.
  • The paper based mode - In this mode of the GRE test, the applicants are expected to go to a designated test center assigned by the conducting board on specific dates. for Indian applicants, the locations of the centers for this mode of the GRE test is as follows: AHMADABAD INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL, AHMADABAD; ST.JOSEPH'S COMMERCE COLLEGE, BANGALORE; SOUTH INDIA TEXTILE RESEARCH ASSOCIATION, COIMBATORE; INDIAN INSTITUTE OF PSYCHOMETRY, KOLKATA; MUMBAI TEACHER'S TRAINING COLLEGE, MUMBAI; ST.MICHEAL'S SENIOR SCHOOL, NEW DELHI; BIRLAINSTITUTEOF TECHNOLOGY AND SCIENCES, PILANI. 

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